As another week passes by, our weekly podcast returns to provide an episode filled with gaming news, thoughts on recent releases and other goings on in popular culture. TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 27 features discussion about many things including Final Fantasy VII Remake and some of the weirdest conspiracies our team have heard about. There’s also a clever quiz to partake in too, celebrating International Haiku Poetry Day.

The team of Gareth, James and Richard kick things off with what they’ve been up to during the last seven days of life during the continuation of lockdown. Their answers range from indulging in Netflix show Tiger King to devising their own backyard activities in order to keep entertained. Eventually the host, Gareth, opens up a can of worms about conspiracies via a series of questions while simultaneously attempting to uncover the fears of his fellow members.

Talk then turns to the games being played this week, with Richard waxing lyrical about both Man of Medan and Final Fantasy VII Remake. Meanwhile, Gareth has been giving his mind a workout thanks to Obduction, a new game from developers Cyan Worlds – the folks behind the classic Myst. James decided to take it easy by spending time in the relaxing hidden object puzzle adventure Uncharted Tides: Port Royal. In terms of news, there’s delight over the incoming additions to Xbox Game Pass, intrigue at the Little Hope trailer, and astonishment about the bizarre failed launch of Cooking Mama: Cookstar.

Quizmaster Richard poses a gaming and International Haiku Poetry Day infused quiz to finish things off – the fierce competition between Gareth and James continues...

As always, full show notes are available over at

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