After a relatively quiet week in the realm of gaming, TheXboxHub team still have plenty to discuss ahead of what’s expected to be a considerably busier few weeks. TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 32 welcomes a new guest to the podcast to help cover numerous hot topics. Aside from gaming, film, and TV news, there’s also a focus on the future of trade-ins and possible changes to release schedules in general.

This week, stalwarts Gareth and James are joined by newcomer William, so the opening segment sees us getting to know all about this TheXboxHub reviewer. Before long they’re sharing what’s been happening in the last seven days, which leads to Netflix’s After Life and Amazon Prime’s Upload being mentioned. Gareth then kick-starts a brainstorm about trade-ins after lockdown, factoring in how the physical market is currently struggling. 

Next on the agenda is an insight into the games they’ve been playing and it’s a real mixed bunch this week. Amongst those brought up by the trio are puzzle game SokoBunny, the crazy Golf With Your Friends, a Double Fine classic in Psychonauts, and the Definitive Edition of Mafia II. Unfortunately, not all of them come with a glowing review. And finally, there’s chatter regarding inXile using Unreal Engine 5 in their next RPG after Wasteland 3, the suspected PS5 console news in June, and what games they are expecting at launch for Xbox Series X as well as PS5.

As always, full show notes are available over at

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