Despite self-isolation, TheXboxHub are back with another episode of their podcast. And in Episode 24 we find the team chatting about the best Xbox One games for really getting your teeth into; the games that will tide gamers over as they settle down and stay at home for the long haul.

Join Gareth as he hosts TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 24, accompanied by Neil and James as they attempt to get a grip on the situation ahead. We find chats about the latest games that are being played - TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2, Bleeding Edge and My Hero One's Justice 2, for instance - and how the whole coronavirus pandemic is affecting the games industry; in particular how the publishers and developers of this world will be able to deliver new products. With physical media under the spotlight, is it finally time to really embrace the digital way of life? Or is that just not possible due to bandwidth restrictions?

Further the guys delve into whether the newly arrived Disney+ is worth a UK subscription, and which of the upcoming Xbox games on the near horizon are the most hotly anticipated.

As always, full show notes are available over at

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