Welcome to the latest instalment of our weekly podcast, featuring anything and everything from the world of gaming as well as various interesting topics outside of this realm. In TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 78, you’ll hear about a special film at the Oscars, what we think about EA’s FIFA Ultimate Team cash cow, and much more. There’s even discussion regarding Judgment, Before I Forget, Resident Evil 7 and other games, so don’t miss it!

Kicking off this week’s show are Gareth, James and Richard, with the latter launching straight into informing everyone about the Class Action Park documentary he’s been watching. James now has a collection of vinyl records and explains the premise of medical drama Rush, while Gareth spent the week indulging in Call My Agent on Netflix

If you’re wanting to know the ins and outs of the latest games, as well as a few interesting older titles, then our trio has you covered. Whether it’s the Yakuza spinoff Judgment, Before I Forget delving into the perils of dementia, or the brawling of WarDogs: Red’s Return, something will grab your attention. The likes of Resident Evil 7, Moving Out, and the next-gen version of The Sinking City also get a mention.

And speaking of Resident Evil, thoughts are shared in relation to the Re:Verse delay, which comes as no surprise. Elsewhere in the world of news, Oscar-winning short film ‘Colette’ possess gaming ties, while EA appear to be putting all of their eggs in the FIFA Ultimate Team basket in order to squeeze more money out of players. 

To close out the show, Richard hosts a quiz which pits Gareth against James to see who can remember which games a selection of memorable quotes are from. Have a listen and try to get more correct than our gaming ‘experts’.

Feel free to comment on anything discussed in TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 78 or ask any questions for us to answer in future episodes!

As always, full show notes are available over at https://www.thexboxhub.com/podcast

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